Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rooftop Bars, Tuscan Deliciousness and Theatrics: Just A Friday Night In Charleston

Last Friday evening the entire Hammond Family plus one Alpha Delta Pi girl from USC (JD’s sweetest) did the Charleston. The evening was sort of a pre-birthday celebration for my oldest son, JD, who won’t be able to make it home next weekend when his birthday actually occurs.
Our night on the town began with a leisurely stroll along N. Market Street, pausing to window gaze at The Planter’s Inn and pop into a few specialty shops and jewelry stores along the way. We must have passed by the candy store a half dozen times and every time the AD Pi girl took a fudge sample from the tray, “y’all AD Pi girls love fudge.” We stopped in the Peter O’Neill Art Gallery, I really like his work, and of course we did a little window shopping at Kaminsky’s – you just never know when you might be in the market for a little desert. Not to worry, I didn’t blow my diet on a high calorie binge at Kaminsky’s.

We still had a little time to kill prior to our dinner reservations so we decided to enjoy a little happy hour at Henry’s where we hit the rooftop for a comfortable couch, a cool coffee table and a WONDERFUL view of Charleston by moonlight perched high above the street at Henry’s. Charleston has some very neat rooftop bars and it’s absolutely over-the-top that we are able to enjoy a cocktail on a rooftop in late January.

We were all looking forward to our dinner at Bocci’s since we are all fans of Italian Cuisine. And, each one of us chose a different entrée to feast upon. Of course we warmed up with a little bruschetta and calamari. The prosciutto on the bruschetta was magnifico and the calamari was some of the tastiest I have ever eaten. The service at Bocci’s was above average and the atmosphere was purely Tuscan, but unfortunately our meals were rated by each diner as average, just so. Except of course, JD, he raved about the Tuscano Duck; I must admit it looked very tasty.

My rating of the entrée’s as average shouldn’t be taken as a non-recommendation for Bocci’s, remember when it comes to Italian food, I am a tough customer, that’s coming from a lad who enjoyed pasta every single Sunday of his life and grew up in a town that celebrates The Feast of The Seven Fishes every year at Christmas. Although I did love the atmosphere at Bocci’s, but I would suggest that they should consider some Italian background music throughout the restaurant.

After dinner, it seems our night was just getting started. We headed over to East Bay Street to Southend Brewery where one of our friends was performing along with several actors and actresses with Cabaret Night for the League of Charleston Theatres and Theatre Charleston. Charleston is so blessed to have a great community of Theatre, and the Cabaret Night showcased the best of the best.

My son Noah, even got into the act after the show was over.

I really enjoyed the performance; in fact, I have February 24th circled on my calendar when Theatre Charleston returns to Southend Brewery for another Cabaret Night.

The night was a perfectly glaring example of why I love living in Charleston. Browsing like a tourist through neat shops, hanging out on the rooftop of a historic building in a historic city enjoying the lights of the city and a glass of wine, world class dining followed by entertainment in the loft of one of Charleston’s hottest night spots; what’s not to love?

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