Thursday, March 15, 2012

Goodness Sakes That's Yum!

Now that we have turned the clocks forward and we have an extra hour of daylight each evening to mow grass, work in the garden and, oh yeah, I almost forgot, enjoy the EEEEEEZZZZZZZYYY LIVIN' sitting on the front porch I guess it is safe to say that Spring is in the air. Of course, the yellow pollen dust all over my front porch furniture indicates that Spring isn't all that's in the air. It's funny how your culinary adventures assume different perspectives as the calendar progresses through the year. For instance, even though tomatoes are available throughout the year, I tend to more freely incorporate sliced tomatoes into the menu during the Spring and Summer months. From a cheeseburger-in-paradise, to gilled chicken sandwiches, a fresh slice of tomato compliments the plate quite well.

Of course, I didn't even mention one of my favorite ways to eat sliced tomatoes, that being on an open faced cheese and tomato broiled english muffin for breakfast. For me, that is just the best. This past weekend I picked up some Thomas's Corn English Muffins at the grocery store and Saturday morning I decided it was time for my first cheese and tomato muffin, only this time I was sure that the corn muffin would add an interesting twist to an old favorite. When I opened the refrigerator to retrieve the american cheese my eyes were immediately drawn to another favorite of mine, the plastic tub of pure ambrosia, Palmetto Cheese pimento cheese. Like an illumination of epic proportions, it hit me, I should toast the english corn muffin, place a spoonful of Palmetto cheese on the toasted muffin and top it with a slice of tomato and finish it off with a bit of Dukes Mayonaise. The finished product, paired with some fresh strawberries (so glorious that it's strawberry season) and I had a wonderful fresh breakfast plate for a perfect Spring morning.

You can enjoy Palmetto Cheese no matter where you live, order online here.

And if you are a fan of the english muffin and you haven't tried the Thomas Corn version, you don't know what you are missing. Also, I am really looking forward to local strawberry season coming up in the next couple of weeks, there is nothing like a big old field of "pick-your-own" strawberries and John's Island corn and tomatoes can't be that far behind.

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