Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wait! What Is That Noise I Hear?

Silence is golden. It's rather cliche, but it is true, at least in most instances. However, this morning as I visit with you through this media known as "the blog" silence represents something else. Since last Wednesday afternoon we have been blessed to serve as hosts to two different groups of house guests. First to arrive was my BFF from childhood and his beautiful wife, Mark and Lisa. We had a great weekend of fun with them.

When Sunday rolled around and they exited to return to their home in the Mountain State of West Virginia, I scarcely had time to miss them because as they were driving West on I-26 our next guests were waving at them from the East bound lane. My cousin Susan and her two WONDERFUL daughters, Emily and Delaney, arrived Sunday morning. After a trip to the beach at Sullivan's Island on Sunday we settled into a whirlwind week of shopping, touring and dining. It was so much fun.

I have to admit though, a bit ago when they pulled away from the house at 0'dark-thirty, I was sad. And while I sat down at the kitchen table to read, I heard the most odd roar throughout our home. The sound of silence. Oh don't worry, it won't last long, in fact, the washer and dryer are soon to be humming as I prepare two bedrooms for some more special guests. My brother and his wife stopped by briefly yesterday after flying into Charleston from their home in Chicago enroute to Augusta for three rounds of The Masters Golf Tournament. They will return Saturday afternoon and we will be blessed having them on hand for the Easter Holiday Weekend. And, my oldest son JD will make the trek from Columbia tomorrow afternoon along with his "sweetest", Alex (all you A.D.Pi girls are the same)setting the scene for a GLORIOUS EASTER in the Hammond household.

The preparations remind me how much I love my family. I am sooooooo lucky to have two wonderful sons who are becoming FABULOUS young men, right in front of my eyes. Growing up in today's world is hard, for sure. So many pitfalls, temptations and possible wrong turns. I pray that lots of love and a stern hand of guidance from their parents will steer both of them through the obstacle course that is life. That, and of course a moral compass provided by their faith journey with Jesus Christ.

So, as the sun rises on a new day in The Land of Palm Trees potential and excitement are on the horizon as we prepare for a much anticipated Easter Weekend with family. I wish all of mine and Michelle's family were going to be here with us, but you can bet those who aren't will be missed, as well as talked about. Teeeheeee, just kidding. Not really.

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading about all your activities. Gonna take a nap now.


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