Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sure Signs of Spring In The Lowcountry

Aside from the transition from long khaki's to shorts in my son's Northwood Academy Uniform and the constant presence of a baseball bat bag on the floor just inside of our front door there are some tangible signs that spring has indeed sprung in the Lowcountry.

Yesterday morning as I was enjoying my morning commute home from Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital along the Ashley River Road I realized that Spring had sprung litterally over night in the form of a pink explosion of bloom on the redbud trees lining the entrance to Magnolia Gardens. I am truly blessed not only to be traveling home against the traffic heading into Charleston every morning, but equally fortunate that my commute home from work takes me past the historic plantations atMagnolia Gardens, Drayton Hall and Middleton Place. All of this, along with the fact that the two-lane highway meanders beneath a canopy of two-hundred year old live oak trees complete with an ample supply of spanish moss and beside remnants of Civil War Era earthen breastworks that served to protect the plantations from the ravages of the war as well as providing a spot for the ambush of Federal troops as they traversed the thoroughfare out of Charleston guarantees a fairly relaxing experience for me to decompress on the drive home after a busy night at the hospital.

My suspicion that Spring had arrived was reinforced when I awoke yesterday around noon to a beautiful but breezy 79 degree day. The opportunity to do some cleanup and gardening in the backyard provided a perfect seque into a warm evening on the back patio. I did take some time off from my domestic duties to snap a few pictures around town for you to enjoy. Wherever you are I hope that you enjoy these first few glimpses of what God has in store for us as another Winter gives way to the hope and renewal of Spring.

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