Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Day In The Kitchen Garden

While more March-like temperatures have returned to the Lowcountry with highs in the mid-60's this week with abundant sunshine I continue to add to my kitchen herb garden. This morning I planted some greek oregano, fern dill, and some lavendar. Visions of home-made spaghetti sauce, southern dilly bread and home grown herb-de-provence on roast pork dance in my head.

This morning while I worked in the soil, our cat, Kitty Lee kept me company as he hung out close by laying in the sun curled up around a knockout rose in the rose bed. Like his family, Kitty has adapted quite well to his southern environs. Before moving South, Kitty was a fairly anti-social feline who would disappear anytime visitors arrived at the front door. In fact, many of our friends and family swore we were just playing make believe about owning a cat. But, I must say, after a mis-fortunate event of staring me down as he watered my Lazy Boy Kitty became an outdoor resident, and his life has blossomed because of it. Watching him sun himself there in the rose bed reminds me that there really is no reason to worry, when life deals you a setback, you find a sunny spot to relax and take it all in.

Sometime within the next couple of weeks, my collection of heirloom tomatoes will find their permanent home in the vegetable bed and shortly after that they will be joined by an assortment of peppers. Things are growing in my backyard and it is an exciting time of the year in The Land of Palm Trees as we anticipate visits from friends and family members this spring. Have a great day and try to be like Kitty Lee today, find a sunny spot and take a break.


  1. Thanks so much for a beautiful post this morning! Heading into Charleston to do a Harbour Tour with the kids ;)

  2. The Sims' family will take all the excess tomatos and peppers that you can grow.I can't grow them due to a lack of sunshine--too many trees.Will trade white tomatoes (golf balls) !!!! Johnny


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