Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A "Prince" of A Day In Charleston

The morning radio buzz was a little more exciting and hyped than normal on my drive home from work this morning. Thanks to a forecast of rain this evening at the North Charleston Colliseum Purple Rain that is. I am talking about Prince, uh the artist once known as the artist once known as Prince brings his Welcome 2 America Tour to town this evening. The usual pre-concert radio hype is happening today and it is happening on just about every number on the radio dial. One of my favorite blogs, Charleston Treasures even, features Prince today in her New in the News Wednesday posting. I guess you would expect that when a megastar like Prince comes to town. Wait, did I say "megastar"? Ok, I have to admit, I don't consider Prince a megastar. Heck, I never really even cared for his music except for a handful of hits from the early 1980's when I was in college. You have to admit, singing a song about his hot little red headed date for the night using all sorts of car metaphors and referring to her as a "little red corvette" is epic. At least in the musical entertainment sense.

My wife, who was a big Prince fan before he was known as a symbol, was really disappointed that I had to work on the evening of the show. I told her she should go ahead and go but I don't think she wanted to go that badly. What the hell was that symbol anyway? Even though I can't consider myself a fan of Prince it does sound like the Colliseum is the place to be this evening.

I guess that sometime today a luxury jet will touch down at the Charleston Airport. I picture a jet with fine leather seats and deep red shag carpet on the walls. The star will descend from the jet wearing a leather jump suit, high heels and a purple feather boa and be whisked away to one of the luxury hotels in Charleston, probably in a white stretch Hummer limo. Wait, I think I hear a Lear flying over now. But I will miss the show, my only chance to see Prince is if he trips walking around stage in those platform heels and has to be treated as a patient at my hospital. Just a little over a year ago when Brad Paisley was performing in Charleston he had an accident during the concert and ended up at another Charleston hospital where he was treated for broken ribs. I guess the scene was quite comical, as there were physicians, nurses and med students rushing to the Emergency Department for pictures and autographs. I can see it now, "pardon me Mr. Paisley, I am your doctor and would you mind autographing this bedpan for me?" I guess Brad was a good sport about the whole thing, he even sent out a Twitter bomb later on saying that the doctors had reassured him that he was a "good boy."

I hear that there are tickets still available to see Prince tonite, so it's not to late. I guess I will settle for reading the review in the Charleston City Paper and will listen to all the callers on the radio tomorrow morning talking about how bizarre the show was. I hope you have a great Wednesday wherever you may be and if the opportunity arises, put on your raspberry beret and party like it is 1999.

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