Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well, Would You Look At That v8.11

Today is a very exciting day From The Land of Palm Trees. No, not because for the twentieth day in a row we have a heat index of above 105, but because I am unveiling a new feature for this blog. As you know, From The Land of Palm Trees is a lifestyles blog designed to share the substance of sweet southern living through my eyes. And I also hope that my blog conveys that the quality of life in Charleston is greatly influenced by the diversity of activities and events that are constantly taking place. I want From The Land of Palm Trees to be one of those blogs, not unlike many that are on the list of blogs I follow, that you check in on every day or so not only to be entertained by my periodic diatribe, but to learn more about what is happening in Charleston. And more importantly to let you see what you could be doing if you were here. Sort of a one stop shop for someone looking for a little bit of humor, a little bit of history, a little bit of fine wine and dining and well the occasional view from my beach chair. So once or twice each month I will be publishing an ongoing post, named "Well Would You Look At That!" The title is inspired by the wacky and strange little dude who went viral on You Tube running around punking people candid camera style while repeatedly saying, "would you look at that!"

No, don't worry, I am not going to take to the streets creeping people out while saying "would you look at that" over and over again. The From The Land of Palm Trees Version will be a mix of interesting media that has come across my computer screen in the form of video or print that helps to keep me current with whats happening in my "own kind of paradise."

For starters, one of my favorite bloggers, Joan at Charleston Daily Photo published a great piece this week on her recent Shem Creek Kayak Trip. It was great fun for me to view her work because my family went on the same trip earlier in the spring. There is nothing like being out on Shem Creek in a kayak and Joans post does a great job of capturing the essence of the experience.

Now that I have you in the mood for all things Charleston after spending some time in Charleston through Joan's camera lens, I want to re-direct your attention back inland just a couple of miles to "the Ville", Summerville that is. A little over a year ago the first edition of Azalea Magazine began popping up in businesses around the Flowertown in The Pines. The periodical that prides itself as a lifestyle magazine that celebrates the unique Southern experience that is Summerville, SC is published by a couple of new friends of mine, that happen to also be new neighbors. The summer edition has a great history piece on The Legacy of Big Red, the Civil War Banner proudly hoisted by the Citadel Cadets who fired upon the Union Ship Star of The West as it attempted to forge into Charleston Harbor on a resupply mission for Union occupied Fort Sumter.

As the heat of July and August gives way to the heat of September, a magical time of the year in the Lowcountry begins to get underway. You guessed it right, football season. Of course there is lots of excitement each Saturday with college football, but the real fun takes place under those famous Friday Night lights of the Lowcountry high school football stadiums. High school football is serious business in South Carolina and while my son's Northwood Academy Charger team is busy preparing for the first game of the season against neighborhood rival Pinewood Prep, the season really is already underway with a series of football jamborees and multi-team scrimmage games over the next two weeks. The biggest high school football pre-season event is the 40th Annual Sertoma Classic held in Charleston at Johnson Hagood Stadium on the campus of The Citadel. Twenty-eight Charleston area high school football teams will participate in the classic held on two consecutive nights, August 19th and 20th. The proceeds from the game support various local children and schools. Check out the 2011 Sertoma Cheerleaders as they show their spirit for the upcoming Sertoma Classic.

And to put the lid on this first edition of "Would You Look At That! From The Land of Palm Trees is a report from the Princeton Review chronicled in Charleston Inspires announcing the best colleges of 2012 and for the eighth consecutive year, the College of Charleston has made the list. In fact, this year four other institutes of higher learning located within South Carolina made the list, including my son JD's school, The University of South Carolina. So, if you have a high school student in your house and you are starting to consider college choices, a trip to The Land of Palm Trees should be in your future. I hope you enjoyed this new feature of my blog, if you did, please comment. Your comments inspire bloggers like me. Also, if you enjoy the blog, please consider becoming an official follower by clicking the link to the right of the posts. We are celebrating Michelles last day of Summer vacation by heading to the beach on Sullivan's Island this morning and with a Northwood Academy football scrimmage tonite. Have a great day From The Land of Palm Trees.

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  1. Hey, hey! That is a fun kayak trip, isn't it? What a beautiful spot. Thanks for the link love!


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