Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday 7 On A Monday Night

So, I have another seven night work week behind me, and another seven days off in front of me, every other Monday night is really, really cool in my world. Speaking of really cool, the weather this weekend was really cool. I know, I know we will have some hot days over the next month or two, but for the most part, the "eight months of awesomeness" are here in The Lowcountry.

One of the local blogs I visit on occasion is Patricks Place and in the blog yesterday Patrick posed the question, what are 7 things you are looking forward to doing now that cooler weather is arriving here in The Land of Palm Trees? So, I thought I would play along.

(1) Cool crisp sunshine and blue sky days spent on the
back patio with a fire in the outdoor fireplace

(2) Bike rides on the beach

(3) Oyster Roasts

(4) Chilli and corn bread

(5) Reading a book by the sea

(6) Sweater vests on the golf course

(7) Christmas Shopping on King Street

So, what do you look forward to in the coming days, weeks and months before we roll around to another, Summertime...And the livin' is EEEEZZZZZZYYY?

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