Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well Would You Look At That Version 9.21.11

For me, a bit of the felicity that comes from blogging is checking in on my "blogroll" daily to see what the various bloggers in my network are up to. I am inspired and in awe of the talents and creativity of each one of them. Last month I decided to introduce a couple of regular blog features, one of which provides some of the highlights from my daily blogroll. It is fun for me to look back through the blogs posted over the past couple of weeks although it is sometimes a formidable task to choose the ones to be featured because they are all so fun and informative.

I am hopeful that the product of my "toil" is that the followers of From The Land of Palm Trees will become acquainted with some of the blogs that I enjoy. Just by simply clicking on the highlighted link, you will be transported to the blog being referenced. I would also like to remind you that most of us who blog enjoy having followers. After all, a blog without readers is hardly worth the effort, so remember if you visit a blog which you enjoy; it is easy to share the link to that blog with your friends, either by email or sharing on Facebook or other social media via the buttons at the end of the post.

One of the gems that I have for you today is from a blog that is as much a part of my daily routine as my toothbrush, my blogging friend Joan at Charleston Daily Photo. Joan is a professional in every since of the word and her daily photo exposes take you to places that define the fiber of life in the Lowcountry. Like her bird heaven pictured below, Enjoy!

If you are hungry for a burger or pizza in The Land of Palm Trees, no problem, another transplant from up there has your casual weekend dining plans covered, at North Meets South.

And another great blog that I just happened across is Townsend Tales. Suzie a Charleston Transplant from sunny California takes you on some incredible journeys (I could spend all day on her blog). When she is not celebrating a wedding anniversary in one of the most romantic cities in the world, she is touring bourbon distilleries in Kentucky.

Are you planning a trip to the Holy City in the near future? If not, you should be. At any rate, plan your visit in conjunction with the 2nd Sunday of the month and you can enjoy the southern culture of Charleston, just like a local with the 2nd Sunday on King Street celebration. King Street is a classic locale, great shopping, fabulous food and great libations and when you do it 2nd Sunday style you can throw together a street fair atmosphere with live music and epic fun. Check out this link, and plan accordingly.

Well, that should be enough for this month's Well Would You Look at That version of From The Land of Palm Trees. Hope you enjoyed your trip through a measure of my blogosphere. Once again, please be sure and visit the featured blogs and spend some time exploring, it's like a great magazine for FREE. Wherever you may be today I hope that you have a great day, From The Land of Palm Trees.


  1. Thanks Doug! It was great to finally meet you.

  2. Where can one get genuine New York Pizza in this town? Or Steak and Kidney Pie? Or better yet English Fish and Chips?

  3. Hi, Doug! Thank you so much for the super nice comments you made regarding my blog. We are very lucky to get to live in such a great place and I thank my lucky stars more than once a day! The trees, the marshes, the plantations, the bridges and the wonderful sky all bring such a big smile to my heart. I love it here!


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