Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Changes in Attitude

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We were drawn to the Lowcountry by our love of the South Carolina Coast and it's beaches. So it is only logical that times spent on the Charleston beaches play a maj
or role in our lifestyle here in the Land Of Palm Trees. In fact, what better way to transition from seven nights of the high stress and on demand nature of working night-shifts in a busy hospital than to hit the soft sand with a chair, a good book and a bottle of water. Nothing assists with my transition from night shift pharmacist to easy livin' than a couple of hours watching and hearing the waves gently roll onto the shore, gazing with wonder at the pelicans as they gracefully fly in formation just above the ocean surface and watching the shrimp trawlers as they rythmically work the near shore waters for that delicious pink crustacean we call local shrimp. Even the seagulls take some time off to enjoy the awesome weather this time of the year.

We have the choice of five different beaches within a 45 minute drive of home but as time goes by we are growing to love the beach at Sullivan's Island most of all. Sully's is mainly a locals type beach although recently Michelle and I were surprised to find a decent crowd of Carnival Cruise Ship customers spending a part of their port day enjoying the relatively calm water and massive sandbars at Station 22 of Sullivan's Island under the watchful eye of the Charleston Lighthouse located adjacent to Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island.

For me, the one of the coolest things about the beach at Sullivan's Island is what happens at the beach from low to intermediate tide. Huge sandbars are exposed by the low water. It's great to stroll up the sandbar with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a 4-6 foot channel of calm water on the other side. It's not uncommon to see folks on paddleboards cruising around on the calm water especially this time of the year when the water temperatures are still decent but the heat and humidity of Summer has gone away.

A couple of hours in the sunshine at Sully's provides for a nice afternoon get-away. Those are the kinds of options that you have when you are a year-round resident of vacation land. On the way home I detoured over to Shem Creek, a great little spot along a tidal creek winding through the salt marsh coming out of Charleston Harbor. Thought I might try to find some blue crabs or fresh shrimp. One of the shrimp trawlers that I had watched earlier working the near shore waters was offloading their haul for the day and I picked up a couple of pounds of local shrimp for dinner. Freshly caught South Carolina wild shrimp steamed in beer with Old Bay, MMMMMMMPPPPH!!!! That's how we roll From The Land of Palm Trees.

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  1. Making me want some shrimp! I think this weekend! I am really enjoying your blog!


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