Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Real Pickle

Is this what it comes down to? Blogging about a pickle? Yep. But not just any pickle. It's a locally grown and produced pickle, prepared using a traditional non-heat method of pickling that enables the product to be produced without a ton of preservatives and salt. Salt + preservatives = sodium, and the pitfalls of sodium speak for themselves. But the low sodium aspect of this pickle is secondary in my delight with them. The real deal is the taste and texture of this pickle. It just screams Granma's kitchen.

The Charleston Pickle Company produces and markets these tasty little chips, and many of the finest restaurants in Charleston (the most underrated foodie city in America according to Anthony Bourdain) serve them.

Check them out, they are one of those little know secrets of the Lowcountry. Hope you are making some fun plans for the upcoming weekend, stay tuned to From The Land of Palm Trees, Michelle and I are headed by boat down the Intercoastal Waterway from Charleston to Hilton Head early tomorrow morning with some friends for the Northwood Academy vs. Hilton Head Prep varsity football game Friday afternoon. A unique twist to Friday Night Lights, the Hilton Head Prep home varsity football games begin at 4pm because the lights from the football field would be disruptive to the loggerhead turtles that are nesting along the Atlantic Coast at Hilton Head this time of the year. We are so happy that after five games out with a severe knee sprain our favorite Charger will return to action Friday at Hilton Head. At any rate, we are going by boat to the game and then spending the rest of the weekend at the Disney Vacation Resort in Shelter Cove.

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