Thursday, May 3, 2012

Any Excuse For A Party

I love holidays, especially the traditional ones. By traditional, I mean New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, there are other "days" throughout the year that are fairly mainstream days of note as well, such as Valentines Day, Halloween and St. Patty's Day. Not to mention other days of commemorative importance including Veteran's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Then of course, there are the "personal" holidays, like birthdays, anniversaries and such. For various reasons, I enjoy them all. I guess when you get down to it, hardly a month goes by where a fellow can't find a reason to celebrate something. Of course, I didn't even touch on the "no other reason than an excuse for a party" days, like Super Bowl Sunday and of course Cinco de Mayo. I have never gotten to caught up in the whole Cinco de Mayo craze, although I love mexican food and the adult beverages that accompany it.

Recently, my son and I visited the Huger Street location of Taco Boy which in my opinion is one of the most fun eateries around town.

I think you can see why!

And I noticed the staff was in full preparation mode for the high day in Mexican culture coming up on May 5th(loads of pineapple infusing into the golden elixir of fun).

It got me to thinking about the celebration, and what it really means, other than a day for the Mexican beer and Tequilla manufacturers to boost their marketing and sales efforts to capture additional market share. I did a little research, as in a Google search,and discovered there is some significance to the day other than lime slices stuffed in the neck of a beer bottle or pineapple infused tequilla. Little did I know that this day has a link to the American Civil War, albeit indirectly, and I was really surprised to know that honest Abe Lincoln in a weird sort of way has a hand in a celebration involving an intoxicating worm tainted liquor and beef and bean burritos.

At any rate, here it is 2 days prior to "the big day" and I am wondering, do you have your party spot picked out yet? I have to believe that when "no other reason than an excuse for a party" type holidays occur on a Saturday that the party increases significantly. That coupled with the EXTREME larger than normal full moon predicted for Friday and Saturday should make for an "interesting" crop of Facebook pictures being uploaded over the weekend. I will probably shy away from any public congregational areas associated with Cinco de Mayo this weekend, maybe it would be a good weekend to hit an Irish Pub, like Tommy Condons or Madra Rua since you couldn't get close to either during St. Patty's Day, hopefully all the green beer guzzlers will be chewing on agave worms and enjoying Nachos Grande and there should be plenty of seats at the pub.

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