Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just A Simple Saturday In Vacation Land

The best kinds of Saturdays in The Land of Palm Trees are the ones where you start the day with a clean slate and no firm plans. These are the Saturdays that start with sleeping in until the morning sunshine leaking through the plantation shutters gently wake you up and a fresh brewed cup of Starbucks brings you into the world on the back patio listening to the sea gulls squawk over head.

It was an enjoyable morning to spend working in the kitchen gardens. I harvested some romaine lettuce and cultivated around my peppers and tomato plants. My gardens are doing sooooo good this year, I just hope that the harvest is as bountiful as the early growth of vines and plants. I was so inspired by my garden that we headed down to the Summerville Farmer's Market, to browse and see what kind of goodies we could "harvest" from the market. I am very impressed with this years version of the market, so many more vendors this year, and their offering is pleasantly expanded. New this year, the King of Pops gourmet popsicles (I had a bannana pudding popsicle and Michelle tried the Strawberry/Lemonade), the Cookie Chick, delectable cupcakes, tomato pies, fresh local shrimp, local seafood, along with some new wood artists, and awesome brownie vendors. More on the market and some of the specialty vendors to come throughout the summer.

Even though a slight threat of isolated thunderstorms is mentioned in the Lowcountry forecast, we are headed to the pool for a few hours and then a little "porch" party with fellow blogger, Charleston Treasures, Lisa and "the mister." That's how we roll here in the land of easy livin'. Hope you have a rewarding and relaxing Cinco de Mayo. Find an Irish pub to go to and celebrate with some green beer.

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  1. Love the blog Doug, I'm an Atlantan with dreams of living in Charleston. Glad you were able to try the King of Pops products. He's a local guy with some really inventive stuff. Keep up the great work!


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