Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cookie Chick

O.K. So what's your definition of the perfect cookie? How could you build a case against this characterization? "Mine is big & chewy in the middle with crisp edges. The kind that begs for a tall glass of ice cold milk or a mug of hot tea. The kind that tastes great still warm from the oven and even better the next day, when the flavors have mingled together (if you can wait that long!)" That is not my personal definition, it is borrowed from the webpage of The Cookie Chick the feature vendor of todays piece.

Faith, the Cookie Chick, is a professional in every aspect of the word as you can tell just by walking past her tent and table at the Summerville Farmer's Market and observing her presentation: neat, crisp and clean = yummy. Once you stop and speak with Faith you will see that her passion for baking cookies in small batches using quality ingredients like dried fruits, madagascar vanilla and real butter is not just something she does, it is something she loves. And that love comes through in every single bite.

Like most good bakers, The Cookie Chick loves to experiment. Recently on her Facebook Page (like her), Faith talks about her success with the fresh Strawberry-Lemonade cookie during berry season and hints at good things to come like the Orange Creamsicle Cookie, an orange-scented, vanilla-bean-specked cookie with a fresh orange glaze. See what I mean, a cookie artist!

You can find The Cookie Chick at The Daniel Island Farmer's Market on Thursdays and in Summerville at the market on Saturday mornings. This week I tried the Double Chocolate with Walnut cookie and all I can say is "WOW!"

The Cookie Chick is just one of the new vendors at this years Summerville Farmer's Market. I really can't say enough about the NEW Summerville Farmer's Market. The organizers have at least doubled, if not tripled the vendor spots and the new vendors are of the culinary artisan variety, with everything from baked breads, fresh pasta, sweet-potato dog treats, gourmet popsicles, organic vegetables, fresh seafood, cupcakes, pies, cobblers, barbecue sauce, locally roasted gourmet coffees and of course the best in local produce. If you have tried the market in years past and had a "ho-hum" reaction, do yourself a favor and give it another try, you will be glad you did.

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  1. Wonder if she is any kin to the Cookie Lady at Trident Hospital? She volunteers to share cookies with patients therein.


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