Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not Your Grandma's Cupcakes

I promised that I would be spending some time this week featuring some of our favorite vendors from the Summerville Farmer's Market. Today's vendor is actually one of my wife's favorites, Bubbies Bakery, a home-based bakery that specializes in delectable gourmet cupcakes. The owner/baker, Lola, characterizes her style as "bold and adventurous" and based upon the delights that grace her tent on Saturday mornings, I think she is spot on.

Cupcakes seem to be a hot commodity lately and that is surprising for a treat that has been around for ages but the current craze is driven by every thing that your grandmothers cupcake wasn't. Today's cupcakes are creative, daring, over-the-top and shocking, to say the least. Take a look at just a few of the photos borrowed from the Bubbies Bakery webpage.

Banana Pudding, Smores, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Wedding Cake, Blueberry Pancakes and Bacon and even a bacon and egg breakfast treat. You can find Bubbies Bakery on Facebook and many weeks she offers a special benefit to her Facebook fans.

The baked goodness at Bubbies is noteworthy, but there is a story in the background here that ties in very well with the theme of this blog, having faith and trusting your dreams and Lola's story certainly exemplifies this theme. For those of us lucky enough to call the Lowcountry home Bubbies Bakery is another reason to check out the Summerville Farmer's Market next Saturday morning and if you are reading this from far off make sure your plans to visit the Lowcountry include a stop in Summerville on a Saturday morning to visit the Summerville Farmer's Market. And just in case you are beginning to think that the market is all about desert treats tomorrow I will share an amazing tomato pie prepared with heirloom tomatoes from the market.


  1. How can one choose...they all delectable; perhaps I'll pass on the breakfast cupcake, tho.

  2. In all fairness Kate, and I should have mentioned, the breakfast goodie is really a biscuit and not a cupcake. Thanks for your comments, they inspire me.


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