Monday, January 24, 2011

They're Going Fast Folks

One of the really cool things about living in the Lowcountry is that we have alot of visitors. As a matter of fact, some of our local friends have poked fun at us saying that we are operating a bed and breakfast. Of course, never to be caught off-guard, I always remind them that we serve lunch and supper to our guests, not just breakfast. When we looked for a house to purchase, we wanted to make sure that we had an extra bedroom to use as a guest room and we have had a blast decorating and appointing the guest room so that our house guests will be comfortable. I have to believe that we have accomplished our goal because we do get quite a few repeat visitors.

We have chosen a coastal theme for the room, the walls are adorned with picture prints of noteworthy Charleston landmarks and we even have a tide clock on the wall that is set to monitor high tides on the Charleston beaches.
A comfortable antique bed completes the room and provides for a comfortable night of sleeping so that our company has lots of energy for the fun packed days ahead.

Yes, it seems as if we are always looking forward to and planning for our next guests and that provides us with sort of a constant state of excitement. That's just how we roll here in "vacation land". Of course, there are certain periods of the year when visits are more frequent, you know, times when our guest room is in "peak season" so to speak. But regardless of the time of the year, there is always lots of fun to be had while visiting the Lowcountry. After all, Charleston has earned a long list of accolades for being a great city to visit. In 2010, Conde Nast named Charleston as the #2 American City in their Readers Choice Award winning list. Add to that, Charleston was named by Travel & Leisure Magazine as America's favorite city to visit.

In my opinion, one of the hallmarks of being a good host is to do a good job of planning for guests before they arrive and one of my favorite tools for planning is the Charleston CVB web site.
As soon as I start planning for a visit from friends or family I send them a link to the site and advise them to spend a little time surfing around. I also keep a running list of "things to do" so that I have a ready resource available. I have also found that having a personal tour guide service such as Charleston 101 helps as well. All it took for me was one trip about town with Mary Coy and I realized that this self-proclaimed fourth-generation Charlestonian can make a good trip downtown a great trip downtown for our guests. The neat thing about Mary's tours is that she doesn't just provide you with historical facts, but she mixes in current society and culture and gives her tour subjects a real good representation of what life is like here in the Lowcountry.

Most visits to the Lowcountry feature some type of activity involving the water: either a trip to the beach, or some kayak time on a tidal creek. or a visit to the South Carolina Aquarium. Of course from May to October, our guests log some significant pool time at our neighborhood club pool.

In addition to fun on the water there are dozens of golf courses to challenge many of our out of town guests. And, did I mention dining options? Charleston has an amazing choice of dining options, from barbecue to French cuisine, we truly and honestly are blessed to have it all. Of course, in spite of the temptations to patronize a five-star restaraunt downtown, after a full day at the Isle of Palms beach or Whirling Waters it is sometimes nice to grill some burgers and spend the evening doing some "front porch sittin'", a favorite activity at our house where the livin' is EEEEEEZZZZZZY.

So, if you have never visited Charleston, or if you have and you are ready to come back for another visit, hopefully the links provided will help you to plan your stay. You better start packing today, who knows, maybe a visit will ignite a dream in you like we had five years ago and you will find yourself never going home From The Land of Palm Trees. The available weeks in our guest room are going fast though.


  1. Good read! Sam and I plan to visit Charleston soon. Neither of us has ever been there! We'll definitely check out your websites to help us!


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