Sunday, June 12, 2011


Septermber 11, 2001 was a day that will forever bring a stern and sober feeling to the hearts and minds of Americans. At the risk of drawing undue attention to that dark day of American and World History, I reflect on the tumult of the day, the uncertainty, the utter confusion of not knowing and not grasping what was happening and why, and the apprehension of what might be coming next. As we all recall, at least in the part of the world where I was, the day began as a beautiful, bright and sunny Tuesday morning. While most of us were falling into our normal daily routine the events were unfolding that would change our lives forever.

Meanwhile in Charleston, South Carolina a group of excited individuals were excitedly preparing to open there new venture for the first time, The East Bay Deli was set to open it's doors on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston close to the tourist rich Aquarium Wharf. What they didn't know is how much angst and uncertainty the days events in New York and Washington DC would add to the nervous excitement of opening a new business.

Fast forward to June, 2011. Five New York Style dellicatesans are now operated by the East Bay Deli people, and thanks to one of the best breakfast burritos in the world, East Bay Deli has become one of my favorite breakfast spots. The interesting thing is, every time that I pull into an EBD parking lot during breakfast time, they never seem to be crowded, at least by East Bay Deli lunch and dinner standards. And that surprises me, GREATLY. A jumbo sized burrito stuffed with egg and ham or sausage with just the right amount of sauteed vegetables, paired with a fruit cup provides satisfying fare to fuel up for a day at the beach or on the golf course, or doing yard work, household chores, etc. etc. etc.

I have read many favorable reviews and blogs about East Bay Deli, deliciously describing their wraps, sandwiches and burgers. One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa over at Charleston Treasures did a wonderfully complete blog on East Bay Deli's lunch time menu. I encourage you to click the link on Charleston Treasures above, you can almost taste the mouth watering deli cuisine. I haven't, however, read any reviews of the East Bay Deli breakfast menu, so I'm figuring it's time to introduce y'all to the little known treasure I have discovered.

For starters, all of the East Bay Deli's locations provide spacious and comfortable areas to dine. As I mentioned before, the breakfast hours seem to be very laid back and casual at the restaraunt, very conducive to catching up on the news of the day while enjoying a great breakfast. Whether you are in the mood for a light breakfast or a hearty daybreaking feast, East Bay Deli fills your belly (for those of you out of the local broadcasting area you can enjoy the jingle by clicking on the link to the home page for EBD). An appropriate "lighter" side breakfast might include an english muffin or bagel with a fruit cup side dish, but if you have the appetite of a shrimp boat captain, try the pancakes along with a side of your favorite breakfast meat (bacon, sausage or ham) complimented with an order of loaded hashbrowns.

If you are an omelet fan, the Western Omelet, a three-egg version made with diced onions, green pepper, tomatoe and just the right amount of american cheese may grace your breakfast plate. In addition, the EBD Breakfast Menu also offers some Fabulous French Toast, a breakfast platter and a country ham breakfast that pairs a generous portion of sugar cured Country Ham along with eggs.

Hopefully this will provide you with another morning meal option for that lazy day breakfast or when you are hosting out of town guests. Whatever the situation, I am confident that you will be pleased with your breakfast experience at one of the Lowcountry's best lunch and dinner spots, The East Bay Deli.

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