Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy, Hot, Humid Days of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of Summer, but somebody forgot to mention that to the calendar since those of us in the Lowcountry have been in summertime mode for a couple of weeks now. I was thinking today that my air-conditioning condenser has been running non-stop now for about a week, that's right, non-stop as in day and night, hummmmmmmmmmmm....

Life seems to be pretty mundane right now, at least on my front porch From The Land of Palm Trees, and since it has been a week since my last published post, I thought I would share some awesome pictures from my last trip to the beach. Seems like in the summertime, if you live in the Lowcountry you are either thinking about the last day you spent on the beach or looking forward to your next day at the beach, and we do have some beautiful beaches to occupy our days.

These photos are from Folly Beach. I have never encountered a perfect starfish like the one I literrally stumbled upon this day, another reason I love living in The Land of Palm Trees.

1 comment:

  1. Cool pix! I've never seen a starfish like that either!


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