Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday's Are So Much Fun At Hilton Head Island

Tuesday began with a walk on the beach and ended with a walk around Shelter Cove Harbor with a single dip Espresso Chocolate Chip Ice Cream under the watchful eye of King Neptune. In between was a whole lot of fun and action. When it comes to fun, night time reigns supreme on the island. Here is a picture of my Michelle and I on Tuesday Evening before we headed out to dinner at Frankie Bones.

Frankie Bones turned out to be a great restaraunt although when our group of family and close friends get together on HHI for a night out, it always turns into a happening, and last night was no exception. Of course, an afternoon of beachball (a ridiculously competitive group game perfected by our HHI vacation group several years ago) we were all ready for some cold beverages and great cuisine.

Here are several pictures of the delightful delicacies enjoyed by some of our group last night. You have got to love an establishment that asks, "how many olives?" when you order a dirty martini with blue-cheese olives. We started off with a medley of appetizers highlighted by a great offering of crispy fried calamari. All thirteen of us ordered a different entree so we experienced a great cross-section of the classic American-Italian menu at Frankie Bones Hilton Head Island location. The Veal Osso Bucco looked exquisite, and my Saltimbocca, a sauteed veal cutlet with prosciutto over fried eggplant and topped with fresh mozzarella and tomatoe sauce was outstanding. The order of Frankie's Lobster Mac and Cheese won the presentation award last night, a heaping bowl of baked three-cheese macaroni tossed with a one-pound Maine lobster and garnished with the emptied lobster shell. Of course, some of the group saved room for dessert. I have eaten my share of smores in back-yards and on camping trips, but have never seen them on a menu at a restaraunt, and could never have imagined a restaraunt serving the smores in the high fashion manner that Frankie Bones does.

After a deliciously wonderful meal we made our way back to Shelter Cove just in time for the end of Tuesday Night Harbour Fest. As we made our way past the Shannon Tanner Show, Shannon recognized Noah's Southern Tides Oxford and called him up on stage from the sidewalk for a photo. A nice ending to a nice day, From The Land of Palm Trees.

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