Sunday, November 6, 2011

Can I Get A Re-Do?

I am a mildy fanatical football fan. No I don't drive around town with a mini-flag attached to my vehicle, flopping in the wind, and I don't wear my team logo to church, but I do enjoy watching the game. On Friday morning, as I enjoyed "my slow start," the weekend lay on the horizon with loads of football opportunity. It could have been a real big deal, you know as in Anchor Man "big deal."

I guess I should have seen it coming on Friday evening after driving all the way up to Sumter to watch my son's high school team play in the first round of the SCISA High School Football Playoffs only to witness a drubbing for the Northwood Academy Chargers at the hands of Thomas Sumter Academy. If it wasn't clear to me at that point, it began to come into focus as I joined several fellow Lowcountry Mountaineers at Mad River on Market Street downtown and our beloved WVU Mountaineers fumbled the day away, and more than likely their last Big East Conference Championship and a BCS Bowl appearance.

But hey, all was not lost. I had a big crock full of homemade potato soup, a fire on the back patio and the Gamecocks playing Arkansas to look forward to. Not to mention, Roll Tide, fellow Marion County in West Virginia Native Nick Saban coaching in the "game of the century." An opportunity, at least, for somebody whom I share a loose connection to defeat the corndog eating Bayou Bengals of LSU.

Well, if you are the most remote of all football fans, you know by now I achieved a goose egg of sorts, but Oh wait, I forgot I still have Sunday, the Redskins and the Steelers, my two teams. What??? Oh yeah, my luck, the Redskins are terrible this year, AGAIN, and the Steelers play their nemesis the Ravens. But there is always hope, right?

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