Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maybe I'm Wrong, But I Think I'm Right!

OK, you might just as well say, "I knew it was bound to happen." Nearly three years ago when I started working at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital here in Charleston I met a fellow pharmacist who was looking forward to retirement with great anticipation. Rick would passionately talk about "his big day" and all of the ways that he intended to spend his time once the daily rigors of full time employment were behind him. Initially, I tried to cajole Rick into having second thoughts about his decision. My efforts were dubious and selfish, because I had developed quite an affinity to our 6 AM coffee conversations. Rick is a great conversationist, is well read and intelligent. I would estimate that Rick has a very cerebral personality. Of course he would debate, if not all out dispute that characterization. His British lineage is apparent in his humor and his love for literature and art. All in all, Rick is a neat guy.

Anyhow, in the weeks leading up to retirement day Rick would become very loquacious while talking about all of the things that would occupy his days of leisure as a retiree. Rick spoke of reading the hundreds of books that he had accumulated in his lifetime, mentioned re-establishing his home art studio, talked of morning crossword puzzles, and bragged that he would do yard work and then just rest. Oh, and also, at the top of his list, sleeping in. I secretly chuckled to myself over that one, unless I was totally wrong about my friend Rick, I could tell he was an early riser. I just didn't see the act of sleeping in being a dominant characteristic of Mr. Rick's world. Being an avid blogger, and in consideration that Rick was a fan of From The Land of Palm Trees, I suggested that he begin to blog. Rick had done a guest spot for me once and I also had read some of his writing. I thought he might combine his artwork with his writing skills and create a likeable blog. For whatever reason, Rick didn't seem to take the bait and I was shocked yet somewhat gratified when several weeks ago Rick contacted me for technical assistance with designing his blog, Maybe I'm Wrong.

Lately my blogging efforts have been, well let's just say that I have experienced a case of writer's block. Several ideas for pieces have been discarded before the outline or rough draft stage on the basis of them just not developing into something that I thought my readers would find interesting. I have also taken some heat for constantly bragging about my life here in Paradise; the great weather and beautiful surroundings, and even though that is what From The Land of Palm Trees is all about I want to give my readers, who may have a perception about life in the Lowcountry based upon a weeks vacation, a perspective of what it is like to live here year round. I guess I am sensitive to what others might think while reading my work. As a result, and also due to my being occupied with other aspects and inconveniences of the real world, my recent blogging has been sluggish at best.

Once again, I guess I should have known it was bound to happen, It seems that my old friend Mr. Rick is hitting his stride with his blog and honestly me thinks he is doing a better job at what I do than what I do. That's ok though, I know my deficit of creativity is temporary and in the meantime I really enjoy that I now have Rick's work to look forward to on a daily basis along with many of the other blogs that are on my daily reading list. In the meantime, I hope my readers will be tolerant of my sluggishness and while they are waiting for me to return to form that they will check out Maybe I'm Wrong, and with that recommendation I think that maybe I'm right, you will love his style.

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