Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lime-Cilantro Chicken Soup

As promised today it is back to easy livin', and what better way to be livin' easy than with a bowl of hot chicken soup on a cool November evening? A couple of days ago I made a tasty chicken enchillada dish with white sauce. The recipe also suggested a cilantro garnish, but since I think cilantro is a bit overplayed these days, just my opinion, I decided to leave it out. Well, my wife grieved over the missing cilantro, so in order to make her happy, I searched out and found another recipe that included cilantro as a named main ingredient.

Historic Summerville DREAM has a Third Thursday Celebration each month and November's theme was "Shop Like The Dickens" and all around Historic Summerville's shops, restaurants and bars were costumed actors portraying the people of London during the time of Charles Dickens and his most beloved character Ebenezer Scrooge. There were carolers, brass quartets, and even old Fezziwig was out and about.

The Shops were all decked out for the kickoff of the Holiday Season, and DREAM was sponsoring a window display contest among the merchants. Each store featured various special offers on their finery, and in every business open-house rules persisted with complimentary snacks and refreshments. One of the shoppes was even offering Pepppermint Stick Martinis. Michelle and I enjoyed the music, the atmosphere and a cookie and pastry here and there but what we really enjoyed were the window dressings.

After a couple of hours in Hutchinson Square and on Short Central we decided to head for the house and a bowl of hot soup. As planned, the soup was just perfect to warm us up after being out in the chilly evening open air. The recipe for the soup came from Rachel Ray (click here for the recipe) and was tasty, but the next time I make the soup I will cut back on the peppers. I like hot and spicy and this soup bordered on too hot for me and I know that the heat was too much for my wife, she doesn't hide her distaste well. I do recommend this soup, with a little hint of lime and the wholesome taste of chicken and garlic it provides a perfect broth to warm you on a cool November night, the Dickens you say!

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