Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Such A Baby Cause The Dolphins Make Me Cry

Yesterday turns out to be one of those classic Lowcountry days that I love to blog about on From The Land of Palm Trees and what makes it even better is that I was able to share my day and my "easy livin'" with friends. I began the day at the beach on the Isle of Palms along with thousands of other fans of the sandy shore. The beaches of Charleston experienced record crowds yesterday due to vacations and spring breaks leading up to Easter this week. While the water was way too cold for swimming, at least for me but seemingly not for the hundreds of people that I watched splashing about, the sunshine was abundant and the aforementioned 65 degree water provided for a nice refreshing breeze that made the 86 degree sunny day seem just perfect for sitting in the sun. A perfect set of conditions for a monster sunburn, as my youngest son now realizes.

What better way to cap off a day at the beach than to go out for some great local seafood? And accordingly, what better place to go for great Seafood than Bowen's Island Restaraunt? Once again, the bonus is getting to share it first hand with friends visiting "vacation-land". I am sure they had no idea what they were getting into as we navigated Bowen's Island Road and passed the sign that says "County Maintenance Ends Here."
But any anxieties were soon relieved by a breathtaking Bowen's Island sunset from the third level deck high above the creek and a cold beer to go along with the view. Amidst the chatter of old friends catching up and teenagers pranking a little brother by mass texting their friends with the little brothers cell phone number a calm peace came over me as I gazed out over the expanse of the salt marsh and the tidal creek passing the weathered docks of Bowen's Island Restaurant, and then it happened, right across the creek from our dining spot, the subtle wave circle on the creek gave it away, then the familiar surfacing of two dolphins playing and feeding at the edge of the creek. These beautiful and wondrous creatures are so entertaining to me. To say that I am intrigued by their activities and behavior would be an understatement. Perhaps Darius Rucker and his Hootie and The Blowfish bandmates say it best, "I'm Such A Baby Yeah The Dolphins Make Me Cry." In all seriousness though, for me, there are few things I enjoy any more than spotting dolphins in the surf at the sea shore or cruising a tidal creek, and living in the Lowcountry provides ample opportunities and experiences to witness these graceful creatures, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. As I stood and watched with my buddy Bruce, anticipating those fried oysters that were soon to be served up by the staff at Bowen's Island Restaraunt I realized that I had plenty to be thankful for since another classic Lowcountry Day was drawing to an end and I was once again reminded God had once again blessed me with good friends, a great family and the sensitivity that I can get so excited about seeing dolphins swim toward the Atlantic Ocean under the orange glow of a setting sun. Have a great day today wherever you might be.

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