Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not Just Another Hot Dog Post

Two things that I enjoy doing have taken somewhat of a "hit" over the past month and a half due to my marathon work schedule last month and my recent bout with the dental infection from hell. Golfing and blogging opportunities have sort of been few and far between. That has resulted in me missing more putts than normal and has also resulted in a case of "writers block". The main focus of From The Land of Palm Trees is to chronicle day to day life in the Lowcountry, but recently my day to day has been survival and ibuprofen, but things are looking up. When I picked my son up at school yesterday I asked what he wanted for supper and without hesitation he said ""P-Dogs". Perfectly Frank's in Summerville, formerly and originally known as P Dogs is a classic gourmet hot dog spot that recently relocated into a much larger space allowing them to greatly enhance their gastronomical offerings and Perfectly Frank's happened to be Noah's choice for supper. However, with the chance of a rare quiet evening at home absent of high school baseball eating out didn't look like it was the best option, so I asked him what is his favorite P Dogs hot dog, to which he quickly replied, "the one with the Mac and Cheese on top."

So for dinner I grilled some hot dogs and toppedg them not with "hot dog sauce" but, you got it, Macaroni and Cheese. Well, in reality, not all of the hot dogs were adorned with the cheesy pasta condiment, just Noah's. My hot dogs were dressed with the finest in southern pimento cheese, Palmetto Cheese in fact, and some good old Barbecue shredded pork. My wife had requested her favorite, KETCHUP.

Noah said that the impersonated home version inspired by the "Frank Morgan" at Perfectly Frank's was ok, but not quite as good as the innovator. Accordingly, I must pay homage to the shrine that is Perfectly Frank's, the Summerville eatery that prides itself as being "a something for everybody kind of joint" recently relocated from a cozy little nook on West Doty Avenue to a large storefront at 118 N. Main Street just North of the railroad tracks and the townsquare in Historic Summerville. With the move, PF's has morphed into a full blown gastronomical gallery of casual, yet sophisticated and definitely fun, southern cuisine. No, Perfectly Frank's is not your typical purveyor of sausages, after all how many hot dog stands have a culinary staff that includes an award winning chef such as Billy Condon of Atlanticville fame.

If it's gourmet hot dogs that you fancy, PF's offers an exhausting list of famous frankfurters. One of my favs is the "Franco Harris" for you Steelers Fans the sandwich is topped with chilli, onions, mustard, ketchup and french fries on the dog, not on the side. If that doesn't scream your name, how about the Elvis Frankie topped with melted peanut butter, grilled banannas, bacon and drizzled with honey. Now if you aren't tempted by Franco's immaculate reception or Elvis' swinging hips, maybe "Frank Sinatra" is more your speed, topped with blue cheese cole slaw. I bet old blue eyes would be proud of this one. But it doesn't end with coneys, there are also tacos, quesadillas and designer sammies like the bison burger. If you aren't in to caloric gluttony PF's offer some tempting and refreshing salads, including salmon and shrimp. But the piece de resistance is the section of the menu under the title of Chef Condons Creations. One creation catches my eye, it is Fried Green Tomatoe Napolean, a dish artfully constructed of three green tomatoes stuffed with homemade jalapeno pimento cheese and served on a bed of butter-beans and corn succotash with country cured ham.

Be sure not to leave PF's without catering to your sweet tooth, original tasty treats from Summerville Sweets are now available at Franks.

Perfectly Frank's is just another reason why the livin' is so easy in the Lowcountry. If you are a local, don't miss out on the indulgence of a meal at Perfectly Frank's, if you are not a local, well it's time for you to visit and while you're here, check it out, who knows, you just might decide to stay in The Land Of Palm Trees.

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