Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nothing Screams Potential Like A Saturday Morning

Good Morning from my front porch From The Land of Palm Trees. It's a beautiful Lowcountry morning and I am being treated to a cacophony of sound this morning with the various birds singing, the roosters from the farm next door to our neighborhood, and the occasional runner passing by my house. I wish there was some way to package the audio of this blog and share it with you, you can just tell it is going to be one of those days. My house is oriented to the Southeast, and the sky is glowing orange as old man Sol is on the rise.

I am anxiously awaiting my inaugural trip for the season to the Summerville Farmers Market this morning. (Check out this link to a feature on area Farmers Markets) Saturday mornings from April to November always include a jaunt around the market and it is fun to anticipate the coming harvest of local produce from week to week. Prime local strawberry season is here so I know I will bring home some great berries this morning, but I am really looking forward to taking Braxton, the son of our friends who will be visiting in 2 weeks to the local berry field for our own picking party.

Another huge event on the blotter for many today is the Joint Base Charleston (Joint Navy and Air Force Base) Air Expo. The Thunderbirds have been in town since Wednesday filling the Charleston sky with breathtaking antics and maneuvers, it has been quite a thrill to see them from various locations as we went about our Lowcountry lives this week. I watched a great simulated dogfight take place from the parking lot of Rick Hendrick Hyundai yesterday morning while we were new car shopping for my wife, and last evening while I worked in the yard, a group of 8 World War II era biplanes flew in formation overhead.

Beginning this weekend Civil War buffs will begin to see the culmination of a plethora of events marking the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War. There are lectures, museum exposes, movies under the stars in Marion Square, reenactments and many other things to commemorate the period. Check out this link for more if you are interested in the Civil War History that is plentiful in and around Charleston.

Of course, you may just be interested in a jaunt down to the shoreline with your beach chair and favorite book, it looks like a great couple of days to accomodate that fancy as well. A Saturday evening walk on the beach may be in our plans after a double header at the baseball field today. We will probably end our weekend with a drive down to Freshfields Village, located smack dab between the entrance to Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island for an afternoon of Blues at Blues by The Sea on Sunday.

I hope you have a GREAT weekend wherever you may be and thanks for stopping by From The Land of Palm Trees, hey right on cue, there goes the Thunderbirds screaming past my house now, what a place to live.

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