Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Back to Work Blog

Time certainly does march on, doesn't it? A mere three weeks ago I stood at the front end of a full three weeks of vacation, no work for an entire three week period. It seemed like utopia had arrived in my world, it was in a word, Valhalla. But the funny thing is, while I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to take a three week vacation from my job, three weeks passes by just like one week and when it is all said and done, no matter how much time you take off, vacations don't last.

So, the past couple of days have been transitional here in The Land of Palm Trees. In fact, a lot of changes have taken place. The front porch is no longer littered with pool toys and beach towels, the big party cooler on wheels has been emptied, drained and put away into the garage, the back porch chairs set empty under a lonesome umbrella and the family hound has resumed her position beside her dinner bowl.

The three weeks produced a load of family fun and memories, and pictures to document, but last night it was time to get back to work. And in the coming days we will somehow resume a somewhat more normal way of living, here in Vacation Land. Back to normal, whatever that means. But don't feel too badly for me, on the heels of three weeks off I am sure you don't, in between shifts at the hospital there will be plenty of golf, swimming pool, beach and Charleston style fun. Besides, Autumn and back to school signals the beginning of our favorite time in the Lowcountry. Soon footballs will fill the Friday night skies and Saturdays and Sundays at the beach will have a much more laid back feel to them. So, vacation time, thanks for the memories. I hope you have had a chance to make some vacation memories as well and no matter where you are today, I hope you have a great day, From The Land of Palm Trees.

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