Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine!!!

Saturday was one of those unbelievably wonderful and pleasant weather days in Charleston, and it came in mid-July, can you believe it? We decided to take advantage of the relative NO HUMIDITY and the great breeze and head for the waterfront. As we descended the Ravenel Bridge that spans the Charleston Harbor to the Mount Pleasant side of the harbor we could tell it was going to be a wondrous evening for a little pier time.

The Waterfront Memorial Park is a beautiful addition to the list of casual activities to do in Charleston, what a marvelous way to spend a couple of hours on a lovely evening. The park is located underneath the Mount Pleasant side of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, on the Cooper River as it open's into the picturesque Charleston Harbor and to characterize it as simply a park or a pier is a misnomer. Waterfront Memorial Park is really a community center on the water, a cultural center that not only offers a place for residents and visitors to fish, play and relax, but also provides a venue for dances, concerts and movies under the stars. The pier attracts everything from fisherman to bicyclist to couples on an after dinner stroll at sunset. It is so Charleston, I saw everything from Seersucker to red satin dresses and it is obvious after people watching on the pier that Charleston does have some of the most attractive people in the world. We stopped by the bait and tackle shop at the end of the pier and rented some fishing equipment for my neice Morgan and bought some frozen shrimp and finger mullet to use for bait, after which we eagerly hurried half way down the pier to fish on the rising tide. For the first hour or so, the fishing was sort of slow and we took advantage of the opportunity to take some unique photos.

Eventually though, the fishing heated up a little bit when Morgan landed the only fish of the evening, at least the only one we actually laid hands upon, a nice 12 inch blue. JD and Noah both hooked fish, but neither could successfully land them onto the pier.

As the sun set over the waters of the Cooper River we sadly realized that the sun was also setting on the vacation for my sister-in-law and niece. After a moonlight hike from the pier back to our car, we decided one final indulgence was in order. A trip to Menchies, a delectable frozen yogurt store that has now become a "must do" on the vacation list for Joni and Morgan. No pictures though, we ate the evidence. I will tell you that I enjoyed a mixture of peanut butter and bannana frozen yogurt with some reeses peanut butter cup chunks, a fudge brownie chunk and some marshmallow cream. We all marveled at how something so delish could be good for you. Yeah right!

No matter where you are today, I hope you have a great Sunday and that your livin' is EEEEEEEEZZZZZZZYYYY, From The Land of Palm Trees.

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  1. GREAT pictures at Mt. P. Waterfront Park, Doug. Love, love, LOVE it there! =)


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