Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Today the heat index is forecast to be in the neighborhood of 118, so in light of this, my attitude is take it easy, I am taking the day off from my series on our recent trip to West Virginia. Instead, I am writing one of those posts that I enjoy so much because it gives me a chance to direct your attention to a few of the blogs that I read on a fairly regular basis, and from which I am inspired to do my own work. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and click on each of these links provided and go visit these blogs for yourself.

The first one I will share is from December 2010, an excellent piece on a southern delicacy, pimento cheese from noted food historian, reviewer and author, Robert Moss at al forno charleston This piece makes my mouth water from just reading.

While you are surfing around the blogosphere, stop by Joan Perry's site, Charleston Daily Photo and indulge yourself on a blog that captures the sights of Charleston about as perfectly as possible. Joan is a fellow St. Francis Hospital employee and lives the life that we would all love to live, and visiting her site daily gives me at least a taste of downtown Charleston living at it's finest and fullest.

Another one of my favorites, Hungry Meets Healthy, delivers an expose on some of the favorite things about life in the Lowcountry on this very hot Wednesday in July. Michelle and I love visiting her blog daily, it is fun, it is unpredictable and it is very, very well designed.

And, I have saved the best for last, partly because at times I think these two fellow bloggers are "spot-on" looking at life in the Lowcountry through the same eyes as me. One of the two, Lisa at Charleston Treasures, is an old friend moving to the Lowcountry last year along with her "Mister", an even older friend of mine, from the town that I had previously called home in West Virginia. The other blogger, Sara, is a recent transplant from New York. It is amazing sometimes when I read their work, and I think, WOW!!! I could have said that same thing. Sara even recently captured a photo from her vacation that was very close to one that I captured in Hilton Head, smores for dessert, in a restaraunt... Check out Lisa's piece today on life from her perspective and get this, having the courage to let your "pioneer spirit" shine on. Lisa, I could not have said it any better and I feel like the conversation we shared at the beach yesterday may have inspired you a bit. This blog of mine is all about life here "where the livin' is EEEEZZZZZZYYY" and is meant to encourage folks who may be just about ready to throw their hands up and come on down and throw their worries in the blue ocean. This theme comes shining through in Lisa's post today, and in Sara's post last week in Charm of Charleston describing the "really big news" about her newest neighbors. So, enjoy todays post From The Land of Palm Trees, and if you can't stay cool today, at least drink something that is cool today.


  1. aww thanks for the sweet compliment! :)

  2. Thanks for always following the blog, Doug! =)


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