Saturday, January 14, 2012

From The Land of Golf Tees...

If you walked outside on Monday or Tuesday morning and thought that you had pulled a Rip Van Winkle and slept through January and February it is of course understandable. The record breaking warm weather that we have enjoyed in the Lowcountry earlier in the week serves as a reminder that winters are mild and short here in vacation land. Back in October, I packed all but one pair of golf shorts to make room in the closet for the sweaters and jackets that are usually required in January and February, but it sure was nice to play golf in shorts and shirt sleeves.

Of course for the past two days, cooler daytime highs in the low 50's have reminded us that it really is January and the flip flop of my house HVAC system from cool to heat seems to be the only flip flops visible recently, although according to my favorite weather anchor, Bill Walsh (Mr. Dome-of-D'light) near 70 degree highs are in the five day forecast, like I said, our cold snaps are usually short lived.

I wanted to take a little break from the Charleston Restaurant Week posts this morning, but I do want to provide a disclaimer. The series that I have been offering is for informational purposes only, an opportunity to feature not only some of the GREAT dining spots available to those who visit Charleston on vacation, but also places where we look forward to dining on occasion. In other words, relax I am NOT actually dining out every night of restaurant week, I don't have the time or the money, even with the great deals being offered to "hit-up" a world class restaurant each and every day of Charleston Restaurant Week. But tonight, it's on, for real. Michelle and I are looking forward to visiting Hall's Chop House with some friends for a little CRW love and tomorrow, Lord willing, I will provide you with a personal review of our experience.

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Hopefully wherever you are today, you are enjoying a mild, if not short, winter. If
the cold weather gets to be too much, you can always head South to the land of golf tees, errrr, uhhh, I mean The Land of Palm Trees.

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