Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How About Italian Tonight?

From The Land of Palm Trees continues with the series on Charleston Restaurant Week (CRW) today with a review of the delicious CRW options for diners who might be in the mood for a little taste of Sicily or Tuscany without the flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the heart of Historic Charleston is a street that provides my absolute FAVORITE sight in Charleston. Every time we host out-of-town guests and make the trip downtown to hang out, I make it a point to end up walking West on S. Market to the corner of Church and S. Market and I always point out to them the amazing view looking South down Church Street. Right there, smack dab in front of you is the beautiful St. Phillips Church. This structure is so impressive that the historic street that was named for it, Church Street, runs straight as an arrow start to finish, except for the little semi-circular turn that it makes so that when standing North or South of the church and looking up or down Church Street, St. Phillips rests right there in the center of the street. It, in a word, is AWESOMENESS defined.

Located just South of Market Street at 158 Church Street is a smallish little Italian restaurant with a big reputation for being a great place to dine. Bocci's is designed like many of the classic Italian Restaurants that I tend to love to go to with many small dining rooms, each one unique and with it's own character and flavor, sort of like Italian food, don't you think?

The web page for Bocci's points out that the joint is critically acclaimed, mentioning recognition from USA Today as well as TRAVELHOST of Charleston. The menu lists an impressive wine list, and I am quite sure that when I have finished my meal at Bocci's and have folded my napkin and placed it back on the table top I will enjoy one of their special Italian coffee drinks to top off the evening.

For my CRW meal at Bocci's, for the Antipasto course I have decided upon the Crude (Italian for raw or uncooked or not cooked long)
Sashimi grade Yellow Fin Tuna Tar Tar, tossed in a spicy roasted pepper agro
dolce, arugula and crustini
. Mama Mia!!!

My Primi (main course) selection will be Roasted Quail
Charleston Tea Plantation brined and roasted quail served over a fried, creamy
polenta cake and sautéed broccolini with a prosciutto cream sauce
. Doesn't that just sound magnifico?

And finally, for the Dolce (desert) course I will lust over Cassata
A three-tiered sponge cake, layered with sweetened Ricotta cheese, amaretto,
chocolate and almonds then topped with chocolate ganache. So sweet, yet balanced with the Ricotta and complimented with the sweet kiss of amaretto. Bella! Si? Of course, although it's not included in the 3 for $30.00 price, I can't pass on the caramel cappuccino along with my Cassata.

And what better way to end your night out, than the view down the street as you exit the cafe. Have I told you about my favorite street view in Charleston... Goodnight Buonnanotte From The Land of Palm Trees.

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