Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday From The Land of Palm Trees

Exactly one year ago, January 12, 2011 thanks to motivation from my good friend Lisa @ Charleston Treasures I decided to revive a blog that I had started shortly after moving to the Lowcountry to keep friends and family members up-to-date with our life here. I had allowed the original blog to become dormant because I just sort of lost interest in the whole effort it began to read like one of those annual holiday letters on steroids but then I began to follow Lisa's blog I realized that the lifestyle we live here in "vacation land" is something that people might enjoy reading about.

Fast forward, today after 142 posts and visits from over 20,000 guests From The Land of Palm Trees celebrates the one year anniversary of it's rebirth. It is an exciting time at From The Land of Palm Trees because we are in the midst of a series on Charleston Restaurant Week.It is also an exciting time because thanks to my neighbors Will and Dottie, the publishers of AZALEA Magazine, I am able to offer the readers and followers of From The Land of Palm Trees my very first GIVEAWAY. That's right, at the end of January one lucky reader of From The Land of Palm Trees will win a one-year subscription to AZALEA Magazine. All you have to do is register to win. There are two ways to enter your name for the drawing. The easiest way to register to win is to comment on any of the remaining January posts at the foot of the blog post. You can also register by choosing to follow From The Land of Palm Trees on Twitter by following Doug @ landofpalmtrees.

You can visit AZALEA Magazine by clicking on the logo to the right of this post. Good Luck, register today by either commenting to this or any of the rest of January's posts or by following Doug @ landofpalmtrees on Twitter.

I am excited about this giveaway, anybody who enjoys reading about life in the Lowcountry will enjoy AZALEA Magazine. Thanks again for visiting my blog and have a great day From The Land of Palm Trees.


  1. alright I will comment since Im up early, Captain Midnite =0)) Happy 1st birthday and Congratulations.

  2. Nice anniversary date. It's also my mother's birthday. 86 today. Congratulations to you and your blog. You done good, Yank.


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