Monday, January 23, 2012

That's Entertainment!! Something For Everybody

During the past year, Charleston has racked up one award after another as a world class travel destination, and like most Charleston based writers and bloggers I have lauded these accolades ad nauseum right here in From The Land of Palm Trees. Understandably when the place where you live and work is ranked with Paris, Oahu and London as one of the most desired travel spots in the world, you have to step back and scream, “hey world, this is my neck of the woods they are talking about.”

And I might add, the recognition is well deserved, but for me there is another perspective on Charleston not just as a travel destination, but also as a relocation destination, a place to call home. For all of the same reasons that Charleston is a great city to vacation in, it is also a great city to live in. One thing we never find ourselves saying is “there is just nothing to do.” It is really nice to be able to look at an event guide in one of the local entertainment guides, The Charleston Scene or Charleston City Paper Events Guide, (click on the links and see for yourself) and plan your days in the sunshine and your nights out on the town. You can’t do it all, but you can do what you want to do and you don’t have to drive 3 hours to get there. That’s nice for visitors to the Holy City, but it is over-the-top way too cool for those of us who are lucky enough to live here year round.

For instance, let’s look at mid-January through March. First off: the foodie scene, as you know from reading From The Land of Palm Trees in mid-January you have Charleston Restaurant Week, that actually lasts two weeks, giving residents and visitors world class dining experiences for pennies on the dollar.

Next up, for the music lover, beginning February 2nd and going through March 18th at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center you have the opportunity to see Jimmy Buffett, Darius Rucker Singing Frank Sinatra,Miranda Lambert,Celtic Woman,Need To Breathe,Elton John,Trans Siberian Orchestra and The Moody Blues.

In addition to the concerts, the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center also hosted the CNN Republican Presidential Campaign Debate on January 19th, and speaking of under-the-big-top style entertainment the real circus, The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus comes to the coliseum February 29th through March 4th. Not to mention for the fans of Broadway, the Best of Broadway Series presents Mary Poppins at the Performing Arts Center February 1st to the 4th. Now, if you can’t find something to satisfy your entertainment needs in that lineup, you might want to borrow your neighbor’s bi-focals and peruse the list a second time. The best part, anybody who lives in the Charleston Metro Area can be at the venue for all of those shows within a half-hour, driveway to doorway. Of course, for the Buffett show the coliseum lots open at noon for those who want to join the Parrot Head Party early.

But I digress, if it all sounds like a tourism sales pitch to come and visit Charleston you are half right. It is a sales pitch, but not to potential visitors. The world has too many opportunities for somebody who is not satisfied with their current situation to just sit idly by and let unhappiness and the fear of making a break hold you back. As the tag line From The Land of Palm Trees reads, “If you haven’t the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you.” If your own terms find you looking for a new place to call home, you might just want to take a look South to Charleston, South Carolina. On the other hand, no matter where you call home if you are happy where you are today, you are indeed blessed and you should be applauded for living your dreams. That’s what From The Land of Palm Trees is all about.

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