Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Monday Blog Surfing

Today I am enjoying a rare Monday that is NOT a transition day. As you may know, Monday is my transition day for work. With my 7 nights on, 7 nights off schedule at the hospital I am either finishing up my 7 day stint at work on Monday morning or I am taking it easy all day Monday gearing up for the beginning of my 7 nights of work. But thanks to a requested night off, I will not assume to my overnight role until tomorrow. So, for me, it was a bonus day off with the family. We enjoyed a little shopping excursion to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, a nice 2 mile walk/run (God I am so out of shape) and a little bit of relaxation. I am also taking the day off from blogging, well sort of. Let's put it this way, today, I am cheating somewhat by just using todays spot to link my readers (I just love you guys) with some of my favorite blogs so that you can enjoy what I enjoy.

Do yourself a favor, click on these links and spend a couple of minutes visiting these blogs. Also, don't forget From The Land of Palm Trees is giving away a one-year subscription to AZALEA Magazine, all you have to do to enter the contest is to click comment below this post, OR follow me on Twitter Doug@landofpalmtrees.

The first blog I would like to share with you is home to a letter from a West Virginian to his home state. The letter has made it's rounds on the social media networks this week and if you haven't read it already I think you will be blessed by reading. While many of you may have seen the letter, you may not realize that the blog where the letter originated has a lot of content that could entertain you for hours. Visit The Revivalist for words of wisdom from the Appalachian South.

One of my old school mates from High School in Fairmont, West Virginia takes a humorous look at life in Points Pondered. Today Genny is taking a look at life's small victories.

As you know, in-shore fishing for monster spot-tail redfish is always on the mind of any true-blue lowcountry sportsman and The Charleston Angler displays what awaits the fly fisherman with a boat or kayak on the tidal creeks surrounding the lowcountry.

And finally, maybe saving the best for last, please visit Doug's Photo Blog (not me, but another Charleston blogger named Doug). If you like to look at beautiful and professional photography, this is the blog for you. For an old point and click kind of guy like me, his photography is mesmerizing.

Well, there you have it, my holiday gift to you. Enjoy From The Land of Palm Trees.


  1. Thank you very much Doug for the link. I appreciate your support... it's a little easier to make nice pictures when we live in a place as beautiful as the Charleston area :^)

  2. Such a nice blog. Thanks for sharing. :)


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