Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting It Off of My Chest

From The Land of Palm Trees is meant to be a happy and lighthearted, feel-good sort of blog. My intention is to publish human interest and lifestyle posts as they relate to daily life here in Charleston, South Carolina. But as I have mentioned before, even in vacation land we have to deal with the pitfalls of life. Although it doesn't seem fair, we still have jobs and careers to keep us busy and life still deals out the occasional crushing blow to the chops.

I am hesitant to blog about todays topic, but the subject has been on my mind most of the week and I just wanted to do this, if for no other reason but to relieve the pressure and get it off of my chest. Cancer Sucks! I hate it with all of my heart and all of the energy I can muster. There, I said it! The cat is out of the bag, the eight-hundred pound elephant in the room is on the loose, and now you can see that even in the land of easy living, we still hurt and cry and pray for miracles. And hope lingers...

Now I know that I don't have to apologize for my feelings, I have every right to consider cancer as the bitch that she is, after all I lost both of my parents to lung cancer way to early in their lives. I have watched while friends have fought the dreadful scurge, some winning their fight, some losing the battle. I have grieved the losses and I have stood triumphant beside some close friends who have whipped the incorrigible beast. But even in defeat the wicked demon holds it's survivor hostage, always lurking in the shadows, threatening to relapse. For this reason alone, I admire and honor cancer survivors for being able to celebrate and live life to it's fullest in the face of the monster.

Even though I purposely avoid blogging about my professional life, I surmise that I should allude to being a health care provider. That probably accounts for my innate nature to promote healing and well-being among my friends and family. It is hard for a member of the medical team to sit by and watch pain and suffering all the while realizing that at some point all that we can offer is comfort measures. And prayers. That's why I hate cancer so much, sometimes the fickle bitch responds to treatment then for no reason at all, almost as if she enjoys teasing us, turns cold and unresponsive to treatment.

I could go on and on, but what's the point? So how do I wrap this one up? How do I put a positive spin on a blog post that is as dark as this? For me, personally, I have my faith and I know that ultimately there is victory, but how do I find the words to go from the pain I am feeling today, knowing that a cherished old buddy is tired and weak from his fight, to ending the post with the usual greeting and encouragement. But yet, hope lingers, sometimes it provides just enough of a toe-hold or the slightest crevice to cling to. And I remember all of those sayings and quotes from which we draw strength during lifes tribulations. And I am spurred by one, because of it's source (the one who happens to be tired and weak), it makes me smile and gives me the perspective that I need to trudge forward. "It's a long lane with nary a turn," or in other words, what goes around comes around. So cancer, have your fun, inflict your pain and suffering, you WILL get yours one day, I'm sure of it and oh what a sweet day that will be.

Wherever you are today, celebrate a cancer survivor and find a way to provide comfort and encouragement to someone who is suffering from cancer. I hope in some way that somebody is encouraged by this post, From The Land of Palm Trees.

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