Friday, May 27, 2011

Hydrangeas, Hummingbirds and Thunderstorms

While most of society was preparing for a three-day weekend filled with sand, sun and potatoe salad, I slumbered. Last night at work, I jetted over the imaginary hump that represents the mid-point of my seven-night work week and quest for my seven-day off week. Todays sleep cycle resembled a series of short naps thanks to the weather-alarm that kept alerting me to every severe thunderstorm watch/warning between Charleston and Columbia.

Finally about an hour ago, I gave up on the naps and decided to move to the front porch to watch natures light show, enjoy the breeze and do a little blogging. Not a bad spot at all this afternoon, from right here on my front porch I can see some beautiful hydrangeas, a little past prime, but still striking. I am also enjoying our vivid crimson-red geraneums and the occasional hummingbird that comes to the feeders beside the front porch. But the real attraction is God's laser show that is currently happening in the skies to the south of my locale thanks to some fairly heavy thunderstorm activity to the southwest. These are the best kind of storms, you get to feel the nice breeze, hear the distant rumble of thunder and watch the lightning but it never really gets to where you are sitting.

While I have been enjoying a small amount of time on the front porch Michelle has been busy in the kitchen preparing some Jambalaya and corn-bread muffins for our Friday night dinner, I can hear the zydeco music on the stereo, it feels like a Zatarains commercial at my house tonite. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, take time amidst the beach and picnics to remember the great Americans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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