Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Morning Stroll Among The Churches of Summerville

Charleston is known by many as the "Holy City" because the Charleston Skyline is dotted with steeples and spires from notable church buildings. Whether you are driving, walking or riding in a carriage just about anywhere downtown at any given time you can look skyward and be reminded that you are in the "Holy City." The beautiful spires and crosses contrasted against the usual blue sky adds to the ambience and feel that is uniquely Charleston. There is a fairly logical explaination for the diversity of religions represented within Charleston, other than of course that we are located smack dab in the middle of the bible belt. Charlestowne, the sight of the original settlement of the Carolina Colony was one of the few colonial cities that displayed acceptance for religious tolerance. While Charleston may have beautiful and notable churches with great histories, some dating back to the earliest years of Charlestowne, there are also beautiful churches in many of the towns around Charleston, such as Summerville, where I live. The photo below comes from a centrally located intersection within the Historic District of Summerville, and you can see that churches play a vitally important role within the life of the community.

This morning was such a beautiful one that I decided to go on a walk about town and take some pictures of several of the churches in Summerville's Historic District. Many of these churches are within sight of one another, in fact some of the pictures of different church buildings were taken from the same exact position on the sidewalk.

As I said earlier, the churches possess a vibrant connection to the populace of Summerville. On any given Sunday morning you will see families who live in or around the Historic District walking or riding on golf carts to and from their Church. After an afternoon spent on the front porch, at the golf course, or at the pool or beach many of them make a return trip that evening for Sunday Evening service or youth and family activities.

I hope you enjoyed your walk around the Churches of Historic Summerville, South Carolina and I hope that wherever you are today you are having a great day. Greetings From The Land of Palm Trees.

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