Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tree Fairies In A Different Light...

Of course I slept most of the day since I worked last night and have to finish up my work week tonight, but this morning when I walked out of Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital it occurred to me what a beautiful morning it was. I was greeted with sunshine, some high puffy clouds, mild temperatures in the lower 70's and birds singing. I decided to drive past the big live oak tree near the front entrance of the parking lot and take some pictures.

The spanish moss serves as a great vehicle to filter the early morning sunshine and the unique split live oak is a very willing subject for my Thunderbolt HTC Camera this morning, point and shoot with your telephone, I just love technology.

I guess I was inspired to take some pictures of trees after reading about the group who caused quite a stir yesterday on John's Island at the Angel Oak. Check out the story and video in todays Charleston Post and Courier, hmmmm. Makes you wonder what the heck people are thinking these days.

Hope you had a wonderful day and weekend, wherever you are. Enjoy.

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