Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Blog Leaping

A beautiful Lowcountry morning, Happy Mothers Day 2011. I woke my wife this morning with a pot of fresh brewed coffee then accompanied her on the 3 mile jaunt around White Gables. It is a lovely morning for blog leaping on the back patio and thought I would share some of my findings with you.

If you are a fan of Okra, the vegetable not the talk show host with a similar sounding name, check out Charm of Charleston, a newly found blog on my favorites, written by another recent transplant to "vacation land."

As usual, the other blogging Doug over at Doug's Photos, has published another great image, this one with some historical significance. Check it out and spend a little time looking at his archives, you will be enriched for it.

If you love Charleston, or at least enjoy random scenery of the beautiful place I call home, visit Olivia at Everyday Musings for some great lifestyle scenery. She does a great job and as I have mentioned, visit her cake stand link and see the work she does.

I am amazed and amused sometimes when I discover another creative Charlestonian "thinking out of the box" with a way to earn a living. Using a variation of a theme that I have often been intrigued by, event planning, Lowcountry Boil features a great idea, new baby arrival planning.

And finally, in honor of Mother's Day, my dear friend, and fellow West Virginian turned Lowcountry Resident, Lisa at Charleston Treasures provides and excellent feature on what it means to both be a mom and love a mom.

Wherever you are today, take a moment to honor a mother and tell a mother how much you love her. Hope YOU have a great day and thanks for visiting From The Land Of Palm Trees.

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